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Cassandre is was a french Ukraine french painter, a commercial poster design.and a typeface designer. his real name was Adolphe Mouron, and at the age of 22, he started designing posters under the name Cassandre.

He was born in Ukraine to french parents. Later In his life, he moved to Paris we he studied at the  École des Beaux-Arts. His posters his posters were inspired by cubism and also surrealism. The poster I have shown above depicts both of these techniques, because you can see some Picasso and some Paul Klee, as they all have similar styles, consisting of simple shapes, striking purposeful colours, and certain aspects of the poster are rather abstract, including the text.

He used stencils and an airbrush to create his stylised image, and made some very famous pieces of art in the process, including some very popular text based art, which is what he was probably best known for.


Cassandre had a serious talent for printmaking and typography. He even had his own company. he even created the sans serif typeface. and he developed other typefaces as well, such as Peignot, which was successfully exhibited at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris.

Cassandre’s art not only influenced Art Deco, but also advertising art as we know it today, and also introduced a new style. Instead of the usual posters of hand-painted normal people advertising products, he had more of a sleek and cartoonish style which was bold, fun and very pleasing to the eye.

He has made lots of pieces for companies, and events, such as the wine company “Dubonnet”

dubonnet series

Which was part of a serial collection of posters which was a first of it’s kind.

the posters were always simple, sleek and very captivating. he used some striking colours, and even during the early 20th century, looked very modern and stylised. it was definitely unique, and pathed the way for modern graphic designers.

One of Cassandre’s better known posters is called “Normandie” a french line poster which was a poster advertising travel. travel was actually something Cassandre advertised a lot and the work he created was some of his most popular stuff.

Late In Cassandre’s Career, he spent time serving in the french army, until the fall of France. With his business now behind him, he survived by creating stage sets and costumes for theatre, which is something he actually has done in the past, during the 1930’s. After the war was over, he went back to his easel paintings.

Cassandre unfortunately had depression. This might have been from his two divorces and serving time in the army, and he sadly committed suicide on the  17th of June, 1968.

Cassandre  believed that “Designing a poster means solving a technical and commercial problem….in a language that can be understood by the common man”.
His sensational artworks including his techniques and beliefs still live on today and continue to inspire all artists and designers across the world in the next generations.


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